5 Things you might not know about about stubby holders

By now you probably know what you can use stubby holders for, i.e. everything. Because it is becoming difficult to impress you with fresh knowledge on stubby holders, we thought a great way to start this year was to help you out with the pub quiz questions you will no doubt come across in 2021. After all, we know last year people invested in sweatpants, stubby holders, sourdough starters and not much else.

So here are five things you didn’t know about stubbies that you can use next time you’re at the pub to impress your mates.

1. No Sweat

Many people will try to convince you that stubby coolers are designed to keep your hands from getting cold or stop your hands from warming up the drink. If you haven’t heard this argument yet, you probably haven’t seen Uncle Ken recently. However it is almost the opposite, the pub quiz answer will be: Stubbies were invented to keep your drink cold. In fact they effectively insulate your drink and prevent conduction.

For bonus points you may be asked: what is conduction? It is when the sun heats up your unprotected drink by transferring heat energy through the metal can.

2. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

The term “stubby” originated in Australia almost 40 years ago in 1983 for beer bottle designs that are shorter and fatter. However, there is a mass debate about who invented the stubby holder and when. If you want brownie points, go with Australia in the 1980s – you could even throw in Shane Walsh as the inventor.

However, your pub master might not take that answer as Google says; Bonnie McGough created the first type of stubby holder (but called it a cozy) in Idaho, USA in 1981. Shane Walsh created a newer model in Australia to accommodate for the fatter bottle sizes.

3. Wetsuit Your Whistle

Stubby coolers are made from neoprene, which is also what your wetsuit is made out. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to water and UV rays, stretchy and one of the only rubbers that can be printed on. The UV resistance is actually what makes it the ideal material for stubby coolers as it keeps your drink cold even when placed in direct sunlight.

4. Guinness World Records (Stubby) Holder

Stubby coolers just wouldn’t be Australian icons if we didn’t consistently hold the world record. In 2014, Phil Stock in Coffs Harbour took out the Guinness World Record title for having the largest collection of stubby holders. His collection totals 2,739 different stubbies and he has been collecting for almost 30 years. He even keeps 600 of them on display in his garage, while the rest are in storage. If you want to try and rally Phil for his title, our team here at My Stubby would love to help you out. We can even help you acquire or design some collectible 2020 stubbies.

5. A Royal Occasion

Stubby holders are for everyone and every occasion – we all know that by now. But did you know that Prince Harry once received two stubby holders when he arrived in Australia for his royal tour? Well now you do! You could even say you have something in common with the royal family now.

So next time you’re at the pub, don’t forget your new found facts and your stubby cooler to keep your drink cold. If you have a regular team at pub quiz night, why not invest in some custom stubbies? At My Stubby, you can create your own design with quirky names and images or customise our templates to fit your needs. So start designing!