After Work Drinks: Update your Company Swag with Stubbies

It’s Friday! And you and your colleagues have had a full-on week. It’s the end of the financial year, and everybody wants something from your company. But it’s now the end of the week and this week is drinks night where you can de-stress as a team and catch up on everyone’s social lives. Is Mary still on the lookout for a dance partner? How are Julie’s kids? What does Brett think about the game this week?

 After work, drinks are a great bonding exercise, and you get to know your colleagues more each time. But during winter everyone gets cold hands very quickly and gets antsy about going home before dark (also known as 5.15 pm). So how do you combat this? By providing office stubbies of course! But don’t just drive down to your local shopping centre to get some, custom design the stubby coolers to be a part of your company swag!

Stubbies and Office Swag…

Stubby coolers are the missing part to your office swag! You probably already have pens, paper, tote bags and maybe you have the matching t-shirts and drink bottles if you’re a cool company. But stubbies for the after-work drinks is the 2020 trend for organisational culture. Everyone wants a personalised stubby holder and one that happens to tell them how great of an employee they are is even better. It’s the gold star bragging rights for adults. But what should you put on the design? 

Your Logo and Colours 

It may seem obvious but choosing and placing your logo or brand name is a good place to start. Many organisations have two or three different options for logos, so it is all about choosing the right one for your new stubby holders. You can even conduct an internal poll with your colleagues on which one represents the after works drink style that you are looking for. 

You should also play around with your brand colours to make it look inviting! But try to stick to the same colour scheme as the rest of your swag, you don’t want any of your colleagues to look off-brand with their new stubbies. 

Add Names 

The stubby coolers don’t have to just be office swag given to the new employees or the usuals at after-work night drinks. You can customise them!  Personalise your stubbies with your employee’s names, nicknames, or honorary job title such as “Queen of Questions” Julia and “Lunchtime Hero” Brett. (Psst…You can even further personalise these new stubby holders by adding an office photo or cool graphic of Julia and Brett to them.)  It shows your team you notice and recognise their extraordinary efforts in the workplace and promotes the fun culture everyone wants to work in. By customising them, the stubby holders may be more valued than other office swag and can be found to hold pens, snacks, or just their everyday drink bottle while your colleagues are working at their desk. 

Sayings and Quotes of the Office 

While you could add your favourite sayings from the TV show The Office if you or your colleagues have a colloquial saying that frequents the office chat, why not add them to your new stubby coolers. Stubbies are great office swag, but we don’t recommend making them as formal as your notepads. Make them fun, personable and show off your company culture. If you are stuck on what text or images to add, we suggest reviewing some of the iconic The Office quotes, we won’t tell your colleagues where you got them from. 

Reviews or Milestones

If your company’s brand restricts you from going a bit wild with the design, why not consider personalising the new office swag. You could add customer reviews or employee milestones to your stubby coolers. Reviews and milestones are great ways to show appreciation, keep it professional and build trust. It’s also a subtle brag tactic if your clients come in for face-to-face meetings. Your new stubby coolers could say “Brett has been our financial advisor for 10 years now” or “Recently Bee told us that we had a quick turnaround and excellent customer service”.

How do you decide which design? 

Well as the business owner, hiring manager or Head of People and Culture you could choose to be authoritarian about it and stick to the style guide provided to you… but where is the fun in that? 

At My Stubby, we suggest a design competition. Open up the floor to all employees to throw their custom stubby design into the mix, you will never know who comes out a Picasso or Van Gogh. The more fun the stubbies look, the better after-work drinks could be.  You could even post the best designs on social media and get your customers input about your new company swag. Once you do decide a design, jump onto our design page and upload the final custom design or give us a call on 0419 521 970.