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Wedding Stubbies: The Most Popular Party Favour

stubby holders at a wedding reception

It’s wedding season again and we know that every bride and groom have a hundred things they need to check off their list before the big day. Who to invite? What music to have? The cake flavour? Not to mention the important things like the date, the location, and what party favours need to be at the reception.

At My Stubby, we are here to tell you to forget all of the other wedding favours you have seen on Facebook ads, stubby holders are a must have wedding favour. There are so many reasons why stubbies are perfect for your wedding like the fact they can be taken everywhere and they are loved by everyone. But a piece of advice from us, maybe don’t leave the groomsmen in charge of the design (or spelling).

3 reasons why you NEED stubby coolers at your wedding

Your wedding is outdoors

Every couple has their dream wedding location and we know for many Australians their reception is outdoors like at the beach, in a vineyard or on the patio of their favourite brewery. We also know there are so many things running through your mind in the lead up to the wedding that you probably wouldn’t even think about the alcohol sitting outside in the afternoon sun. This is why stubby coolers as wedding favours are a great idea because not only will they tie into your wedding but it means nobody’s drink will go warm.

Another great reason to have our stubbies at your wedding is that stubbies provide protection from glass breakages and spills that Aunty Jo might cause. So there is less clean up at the end of the night and your bridesmaids can take their heels off.

Easy to arrange

Less set up time means more time to enjoy your wedding day and less stress about how your reception will look. Stubbies are perfect for your wedding because there is no set up involved and all you will need to do is put them on the table next to the name cards. Or you could customise each one to have the guests name and skip the name card altogether!

Show off a bit of the Australian you are

Everyone loves a traditional wedding but they can get rather boring after the first three, having stubbies as a wedding favour shows off your Australianism and adds a little bit of spice to your wedding. As we like to say to our customers if you can’t be Australian at your wedding then who can you be? At My Stubby, our stubbies aren’t just your standard blue ones you see on dad’s fishing boat. They are customisable, so you can add photos, quotes and names. The stubby holders can even be customised to have your wedding colours and the same font as your invites. If you are stuck on what to put on your wedding favour stubbies (and don’t just want to say Thanks for Coming) check out our social media pages, we have plenty.

Other reasons you should enjoy stubby coolers at your wedding

While we could go on, we know you don’t want to read our essay on wedding favours. So here are a few more reasons in list form (if you need to convince your partner) as to why you should have stubbies as wedding favours.

  • Affordable and you can buy them in bulk
  • Lightweight and compactable, they fit in the purse to go home.
  • Great souvenirs for your guests no matter how far they have travelled.
  • Reusable and for everyday use, so you can calm the eco Nellies you had to invite to your wedding.
  • Nobody ever says no to a stubby holder (and if they do are they really human?)

Start designing your wedding favours

What are you waiting for? Get the wedding favours ticked off your list and start designing your wedding stubbies today! We have templates to get your creative juices flowing or you can start from scratch with our design your own stubby tool.


5 Things you might not know about about stubby holders

By now you probably know what you can use stubby holders for, i.e. everything. Because it is becoming difficult to impress you with fresh knowledge on stubby holders, we thought a great way to start this year was to help you out with the pub quiz questions you will no doubt come across in 2021. After all, we know last year people invested in sweatpants, stubby holders, sourdough starters and not much else.

So here are five things you didn’t know about stubbies that you can use next time you’re at the pub to impress your mates.

1. No Sweat

Many people will try to convince you that stubby coolers are designed to keep your hands from getting cold or stop your hands from warming up the drink. If you haven’t heard this argument yet, you probably haven’t seen Uncle Ken recently. However it is almost the opposite, the pub quiz answer will be: Stubbies were invented to keep your drink cold. In fact they effectively insulate your drink and prevent conduction.

For bonus points you may be asked: what is conduction? It is when the sun heats up your unprotected drink by transferring heat energy through the metal can.

2. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

The term “stubby” originated in Australia almost 40 years ago in 1983 for beer bottle designs that are shorter and fatter. However, there is a mass debate about who invented the stubby holder and when. If you want brownie points, go with Australia in the 1980s – you could even throw in Shane Walsh as the inventor.

However, your pub master might not take that answer as Google says; Bonnie McGough created the first type of stubby holder (but called it a cozy) in Idaho, USA in 1981. Shane Walsh created a newer model in Australia to accommodate for the fatter bottle sizes.

3. Wetsuit Your Whistle

Stubby coolers are made from neoprene, which is also what your wetsuit is made out. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is resistant to water and UV rays, stretchy and one of the only rubbers that can be printed on. The UV resistance is actually what makes it the ideal material for stubby coolers as it keeps your drink cold even when placed in direct sunlight.

4. Guinness World Records (Stubby) Holder

Stubby coolers just wouldn’t be Australian icons if we didn’t consistently hold the world record. In 2014, Phil Stock in Coffs Harbour took out the Guinness World Record title for having the largest collection of stubby holders. His collection totals 2,739 different stubbies and he has been collecting for almost 30 years. He even keeps 600 of them on display in his garage, while the rest are in storage. If you want to try and rally Phil for his title, our team here at My Stubby would love to help you out. We can even help you acquire or design some collectible 2020 stubbies.

5. A Royal Occasion

Stubby holders are for everyone and every occasion – we all know that by now. But did you know that Prince Harry once received two stubby holders when he arrived in Australia for his royal tour? Well now you do! You could even say you have something in common with the royal family now.

So next time you’re at the pub, don’t forget your new found facts and your stubby cooler to keep your drink cold. If you have a regular team at pub quiz night, why not invest in some custom stubbies? At My Stubby, you can create your own design with quirky names and images or customise our templates to fit your needs. So start designing!

Thinking about Christmas and what to get the hard to buy for

Christmas, is it too early to start talking about it? Where has 2020 gone? There is only six more weeks until Christmas and delivery times are at an all time high, so it is time to start thinking about your gift list. Christmas Day may look a little different this year as many states have limits on gatherings but there will still be gifts to buy for when you can catch up with all your family.

You have to buy gifts for: 

  • Mum who has given you a very specific item to buy
  • Your sister who NEEDS the latest skincare product
  • Your brother who only wears Nike, so he’s sorted.
  • Dad who is very vague about what he wants because he forgot Christmas is coming.
  • Your Auntie who always get too drunk at Christmas
  • Your Uncle who “let you” paint his toenails pink last Christmas
  • And your 2nd Cousin who you don’t know but Mum has invited to Christmas lunch this year.

That’s a lot of gifts to think about, at least some people like your mum and sister have been specific for you. What are you going to do for the rest of them?

Well of course you are going to get them their favourite drink and a set of personalised stubby coolers for them. Why wouldn’t you?

Stubbies are great for keeping your drinks cold, but there is an added significance to a personalised stubby. Here’s why you should consider customising your Christmas gift stubbies this year.

It’s the Christmas Present that is not going to be forgotten about

When you give a person a personalised gift they will treasure it forever. It will not only be something everyone remembers you giving, but because it’s a stubby holder they will be reminded every time they use it. It’s a functional memory that will be cherished. Personalised stubby coolers are also a great Christmas present because you can choose from an array of memories, it doesn’t just have to be the nice family photo from last Christmas. Instead it could be a picture of your Dad dancing on the boat, a drawing of your uncle’s pink toes and the caption “don’t fall asleep this year” or simply your aunt pulling a funny selfie.

Stubbies are perfect this Christmas because it will remind them of when you gave it to them and the memory you featured on the stubby. Just don’t be surprised next Christmas when you get a similar present.

It will be the most talked about Christmas present for years to come

You will almost come off as the favourite child, niece or nephew because every time the stubby is brought out for a bbq the recipient will say “You know I got that as a Christmas gift from Josh” Even when your dad and uncle go fishing and your dad yells “Did you pack my stubby cooler, yeah the one from Sarah.” While everyone else in your family will eye roll, you will be smiling with glee because you thought up not only the perfect gift but also a way to gain constant endorsement as the favourite.

If it’s a personalised stubby, it will be even more talked about than just a plain VB stubby because people will ask about the photo, the caption and where they got it. What’s not to love about a gift that can provide stories forever?

Stubbies are for everyone, even the hard to buy for

So you’re still stuck on what to get the second cousin, Jill, who’s coming to Christmas lunch. Well lucky for you, you can customise a set of stubbies with just quirky text, like “So glad you could make it this year.” So stubbies are the perfect gift even the hard to buy for or the people you don’t know yet. It’s not only a great introduction to someone you don’t know but it’s also something everyone can use because everyone needs a stubby at least at Christmas lunch if not at every barbeque during the summer.

Stubbies can be personalised for everyone and are gifts that just keep on giving, so why wouldn’t you buy sets of stubbies for your nearest, dearest and even hard to buy for this year?

My Stubby, Christmas Gift Experts

The team at My Stubby are the Christmas elves you are looking for! We can help you organise the perfect gift (stubbies) for everyone. Stubby coolers are for everyone and when customised your family will feel extra special. It doesn’t even take too long to personalise each set of stubbies, just upload a photo or provide a quirky message and you’re almost done.  With only six weeks to go though it is time to get started, order now or enquire by calling 0419 521 970.

Corporate Christmas Parties in 2020: What to Consider [Goody Bag Ideas Inside]

Corporate Christmas Parties in 2020: What to Consider [Goody Bag Ideas Inside]

It may not feel like it but it is a week away from November! 

Due to the unplanned hibernation over winter, you may be scrambling for ideas on what to do for your office Christmas party. What is probably causing the most hindrance is the changing rules of what your business can and can’t do. Each state has different restrictions and some states like Victoria have different restrictions based on your postcode. It is no wonder that you feel like time has slipped away. 

At My Stubby, we want to help you get the Christmas Party plans back on track and make sure you have enough time to order the custom stubby coolers for your party. 

The Biggest Trend

The biggest trend of the year (besides online sales for track pants) has been hosting virtual events. We have seen and participated in them all, even the live stream with Shawn Mendes. But many people are becoming tired of the same virtual events. You know the sign up, listen, break out, and sign off routine, it’s almost like a chore except often you still have to listen to Cheryl tell you about her latest DIY project. While adding your custom stubbies to the mix would make the event more interesting you might have to think a little bit more outside the box for your office Christmas party. 

Luckily there are so many ways, you can spice up the virtual event and have lots of fun with your team. Here are some of our tips.

Tip 1. Consider What Event You Can Have

While for the most part, the Christmas party might have to be virtual, in almost every part of Australia you can gather with up to ten people outside. So why not create some virtual workplace bubbles and have some drinks outside with some personalised stubbies for the event? (Yes, we know it might ruin Cheryl’s hair, but maybe pick a non-windy area) This way even if the majority of your Christmas party is virtual, it’s not going to be boring because you and some of your colleagues can catch up on everything outside of work. And it certainly won’t feel like one of those standard virtual events.  

Tip 2. Have an Agenda

A virtual event runs the best when there is an agenda that everyone has access to and is able to understand. At your work Christmas party, don’t forget to have ice breakers, drink breaks and the PowerPoint presentation ready to go. Cheryl might complain loudly if she has to wait for the presentation to be set up as she could be gardening. It would be an even better idea to make sure the PowerPoint presentation was Christmas themed, quirky and entertaining for your colleagues. 

Tip 3. Play Games

Christmas parties are all about networking with your colleagues getting to know them a little bit better. So if you are having a virtual or hybrid Christmas party don’t forget the games. Games make everyone a little more at ease and Cheryl might even forget the whole party is virtual. Obviously, not all games are going to be appropriate for a work Christmas party, but virtual trivias and guessing games are likely to get your whole team involved. You could even divide your colleagues into teams by the different themed stubbies they have. 

Tip 4. Prepare Virtual Goodie Bags 

Now onto the good stuff! While hosting the event might be the biggest challenge, people are still going to want those goodie bags filled with sweets, company swag, and even a small token of appreciation. One critical thing to remember in the goodie bag this year is your customised COVID-19 stubby holders. They are essential as everyone will have a drink in their hand and if it is outside they are going to want to keep their drink cold. These stubbies can be creative with funny puns about how great 2020 was going to be, they can be individualised with your colleague’s names and a quirky title or you can make them professional to fit in with other company swag. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • “Wow I feel like I was barely in the office this year!”
  • Am I in the future yet? 
  • Cheryl, Wineaholic or Brad, Craft Beer Connoisseur 
  • Thank you for being apart of our team this year

Design Your Stubbies

Every Corporate Christmas party needs something to be remembered by. Without the photo booth, this year stubbies are a perfect way to remember this virtual event. They keep your drink cold, are easy to hold and are versatile in what they can be used for. At My Stubby, you can design and personalise stubbies for each individual at your workplace and make the night even more memorable. So don’t let time slip away and get started designing your stubbies now

Spring into Action!

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year. All of the major sporting events happen in spring, the school year finishes in spring, and there are probably a lot of birthday parties in spring too. So it is no wonder that almost every weekend in your calendar is filled with a spring event. You may have thought you had gotten out of them this year, but thankfully we have Zoom and it’s the life of the party. 

Even if you don’t live in Queensland, where everything is happening, you can still celebrate and commemorate the events with custom made stubbies. These stubbies can be the collectible at-home 2020 edition for the events you would usually attempt to attend in person. 

So what events are we going on about? 

The Finals Series 

The AFL, the NRL and the Suncorp Super Netball are all scheduled to play out their grand finals in the second last week of October. While many of us are unable to attend these events, it doesn’t mean we should count out our grand final parties, particularly because we still get a public holiday. The final series would be a great time to show your support for your team from your living room, and you can still text your digs to Daniel the Collingwood supporter. You can even get the whole family involved with customised stubby holders for each event. And if you are stuck in lockdown in Victoria, throw a zoom grand final party complete with Mike on the barbie asking for the scores, Tyler wanting the kids to stop supporting the wrong team and Sharon going nuts every time a goal is scored. If you want to make your stubbies even more customised here are a few ideas: 

  • Add a photo and quirky title for each family member: Joel the TV Umpire
  • Get everyone’s predictions for the best player and who will win beforehand so no one can change their mind last minute. For example, Daniel will probably put Collingwood by 30 points and Steele Sidebottom. 
  • Add the team song, so nobody forgets it after having a few. 

The Races

It’s the Spring Racing Carnival and while racing has been running all year long it usually during spring that we dress up and place our bets. So while we don’t have to get up and spend 3 hours in hair and makeup this year (it’s ok Sarah) we can still cheer on the horses and have fresh champagne at home. You can even class up your drinks with decorative stubby coolers for the occasion, you can choose from some of our templates or create your own. It might even be time to try those new craft beers or break out some special bubbles for the races to make everyone feel fancy. 

For your races day don’t forget to create a sweep with all the horses and jockeys and give everyone someone to barrack for. You could even do this with your customised stubbies by adding the horses’ name and jockey colours and then delivering them to each of your sweep participants, but make sure to give Sarah the pink and white checkers that match her outfit. 

Remembrance Day

On the 11th of November, we commemorate the brave souls that fought in World War I. While it is not a public holiday here in Australia and we cannot gather to pay our respects we can still commemorate our ANZACs. One of the ways you may choose to commemorate this year is with some poppy-themed stubby coolers. They are the perfect keepsakes for those you have lost at war and a great way to remember their services. 

Some things to think about for your design include: 

  • Will it be poppies or the Australian flag? 
  • What photo will you use? 
  • Adding where they served, the dates or their rank. 

Make sure to get in early with your designs so you can have a drink for them in the 12th hour after commemorating them in the 11th hour. (Then maybe get back to work, it is a Wednesday.)


One of the last things to happen during spring is the end of the academic year, and you might have a graduate in your house this year, who has suffered through weeks or months of online study. You may have even thought you were back at school. Unfortunately, though their graduation might even be cancelled due to restrictions on large events. So celebrate (and embarrass) the graduates with some customised stubbies and an hour-long Zoom call. While the Zoom call may appear as the embarrassing element, you can customise the stubbies to show their first day of school or highlight something funny or ironic they have said, Tyler will appreciate it eventually. Overall, though it will just be nice to see some friendly faces and have a bit of a party to celebrate the achievements your graduate has made. 

My Stubby 

At My Stubby, we can help you design and create stubbies for every event or occasion in spring. Whether that be the zoom graduation to embarrass Tyler, the footy grand final barbeque that Joel will umpire or the spring racing carnival event you are holding so Sarah can show off her new dress, there is a stubby design for every occasion. Just log onto our website and upload or draw in your design and if you need help don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. 

The Perfect Father’s Day Gift 

Father’s Day is the day we appreciate our dads, but it can also be described as the forgotten holiday on our calendars. Unlike mums, dads don’t mention this day six weeks in advance, and they definitely don’t tell you exactly what they want. It’s always a guessing game and a struggle to think up a present better than a colourful tie or new socks. At My Stubby, we think we have the perfect gift for Aussie Dads, STUBBIES of course. 

Stubbies might appear as the bogan Father’s Day option when in fact, they are the membership card to being an Aussie dad and should not be underestimated as the perfect gift. 

Stubby coolers are a quintessential item for an Aussie dad. We don’t know a Steve, Shane, Greg, Jim or Robbo that hasn’t said they needed a cold one at least six(ty) times. It’s almost as common and certainly as iconic as Americans asking us if we throw shrimp on the barbie.

At My Stubby, we want to help you create the perfect father’s day gift with personalised stubbies


Custom Design? 

You can create your own Father’s Day design personalised to match your dad. But if you’re not an artist, that’s ok! We have templated designs that can assist you in creating the perfect gift. All you need is a photo of your dad, partner, grandfather, father-in-law and maybe their name and a quirky message, but really the photo is the most important element. The photo can be anything from your favourite memory, your dad pulling a funny face, yours or his baby picture or it can even be just a nice photo of your dad. Once uploaded, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Proving a Point? 

If you have got siblings, you may need to settle the age-old argument of who the favourite child is… obviously, it’s you, who else would have thought up such a great idea? Prove your point and make sure your family knows who the favourite child is by personalising the stubby holder with your favourite memory and photo of just you and your dad. Or you can try a more subtle approach, create a collage of your dad’s favourite memories and add a note in the card “from your favourite”. Either option is sure to prove your point though. 


We know, you’re never quite sure what to write in your dad’s card let alone what message should be written on the stubby cooler. Happy Father’s Day is an obvious choice, but you can get more creative and write a heartfelt message, a dad joke, or your dad’s favourite line. Every dad has their saying, some are better than others. Don’t be disappointed if your father sticks with his cliche Darth Vadar line.

 If you are stuck here are some great lines to use: 

  • I may be taller than you now, but I still look up to you.
  • Fathers Day: Just like Mother’s Day except you don’t spend as much.
  • Dad, you’re in all my favourite memories.
  • You made growing up fun!
  • You’ve always been like a father to me.

Lockdown Approved

COVID-19 has probably put a halt to a lot of traditional Father’s Day activities including your extended family barbeque (phew), but you shouldn’t have to fret about going out to get your Father’s Day gift. One of the best things about creating personalised stubby holders is you can create it from the comfort of your home and be assured it will arrive at your doorstep (or your father’s) quickly (and contactless in Victoria). At My Stubby, we love being able to help deliver memories in the form of stubby coolers, and we have Australia’s fastest turnaround times. So even if you have forgotten and need it by Sunday, design a cooler (quickly), and we will make sure you still look like the favourite child. 

The Perfect Gift

So don’t forget your perfect gift this Father’s Day, head to our design page and get creative! 

And Happy Fathers Day to all dads this September 6th! We hope all Shanes, Steves, Grants, Jims and Robs spend the day enjoying some more quality family time and a “cold one” with their new customised stubby holder. 


After Work Drinks: Update your Company Swag with Stubbies

It’s Friday! And you and your colleagues have had a full-on week. It’s the end of the financial year, and everybody wants something from your company. But it’s now the end of the week and this week is drinks night where you can de-stress as a team and catch up on everyone’s social lives. Is Mary still on the lookout for a dance partner? How are Julie’s kids? What does Brett think about the game this week?

 After work, drinks are a great bonding exercise, and you get to know your colleagues more each time. But during winter everyone gets cold hands very quickly and gets antsy about going home before dark (also known as 5.15 pm). So how do you combat this? By providing office stubbies of course! But don’t just drive down to your local shopping centre to get some, custom design the stubby coolers to be a part of your company swag!

Stubbies and Office Swag…

Stubby coolers are the missing part to your office swag! You probably already have pens, paper, tote bags and maybe you have the matching t-shirts and drink bottles if you’re a cool company. But stubbies for the after-work drinks is the 2020 trend for organisational culture. Everyone wants a personalised stubby holder and one that happens to tell them how great of an employee they are is even better. It’s the gold star bragging rights for adults. But what should you put on the design? 

Your Logo and Colours 

It may seem obvious but choosing and placing your logo or brand name is a good place to start. Many organisations have two or three different options for logos, so it is all about choosing the right one for your new stubby holders. You can even conduct an internal poll with your colleagues on which one represents the after works drink style that you are looking for. 

You should also play around with your brand colours to make it look inviting! But try to stick to the same colour scheme as the rest of your swag, you don’t want any of your colleagues to look off-brand with their new stubbies. 

Add Names 

The stubby coolers don’t have to just be office swag given to the new employees or the usuals at after-work night drinks. You can customise them!  Personalise your stubbies with your employee’s names, nicknames, or honorary job title such as “Queen of Questions” Julia and “Lunchtime Hero” Brett. (Psst…You can even further personalise these new stubby holders by adding an office photo or cool graphic of Julia and Brett to them.)  It shows your team you notice and recognise their extraordinary efforts in the workplace and promotes the fun culture everyone wants to work in. By customising them, the stubby holders may be more valued than other office swag and can be found to hold pens, snacks, or just their everyday drink bottle while your colleagues are working at their desk. 

Sayings and Quotes of the Office 

While you could add your favourite sayings from the TV show The Office if you or your colleagues have a colloquial saying that frequents the office chat, why not add them to your new stubby coolers. Stubbies are great office swag, but we don’t recommend making them as formal as your notepads. Make them fun, personable and show off your company culture. If you are stuck on what text or images to add, we suggest reviewing some of the iconic The Office quotes, we won’t tell your colleagues where you got them from. 

Reviews or Milestones

If your company’s brand restricts you from going a bit wild with the design, why not consider personalising the new office swag. You could add customer reviews or employee milestones to your stubby coolers. Reviews and milestones are great ways to show appreciation, keep it professional and build trust. It’s also a subtle brag tactic if your clients come in for face-to-face meetings. Your new stubby coolers could say “Brett has been our financial advisor for 10 years now” or “Recently Bee told us that we had a quick turnaround and excellent customer service”.

How do you decide which design? 

Well as the business owner, hiring manager or Head of People and Culture you could choose to be authoritarian about it and stick to the style guide provided to you… but where is the fun in that? 

At My Stubby, we suggest a design competition. Open up the floor to all employees to throw their custom stubby design into the mix, you will never know who comes out a Picasso or Van Gogh. The more fun the stubbies look, the better after-work drinks could be.  You could even post the best designs on social media and get your customers input about your new company swag. Once you do decide a design, jump onto our design page and upload the final custom design or give us a call on 0419 521 970.

How to make good use of your favourite vacation photos

So winter vacation was supposed to be in a couple of weeks, but with international travel halted and some of the borders shut, it is looking like we are stuck at home. Don’t worry though we have a nostalgic stress reliever for you: going through all of your old vacation photos! (Yes even those ones from 2007)

Going through these photos, you will relive memories you may have forgotten about like the time you went to Queensland and saw some wild dolphins, when you bungee jumped in New Zealand or even when you snowballed at Mt Buller. You may also relive some funny memories of your family on these vacations like when Emma decided to sleep in the wrong tent. 

These photos may be your treasures that solely remind you of this holiday, unlike Mum you forgot to pick up some magnets for the fridge and you didn’t go out of your way to get themed shot glasses like Dad. Everyone collects something from their holidays, whether it be pendants, postcards, t-shirts, pins or magnets and shot glasses. But not many people revisit their photos after taking them on holiday (and maybe posting all of them on Facebook), and they are great memories (and photos). So how can you make sure never to lose these memories in a fun yet creative way? With personalised stubbies of course! 

At My Stubby, we often get questions about what you can print onto stubby coolers, and the answer is anything you can imagine. So why not your old holiday photos? 

1. Your photos would be useful not just decorative

Some people hate printing out photos because they don’t know where to put them or they just don’t have space in their hallway anymore. With a personalised stubby holder, you don’t have to put your photo on the wall. Instead, it can go in the cupboard or drawer with all of your other stubby holders, and you can bring it out and use it for any occasion. And we mean any occasion such as bragging that you were in New York at Christmas or for nostalgia because you really miss the sunset in Vietnam. The best thing about printing your favourite photos on a stubby is that they don’t fade over time like a picture would, so you can keep reliving the memory forever. 

2. Your stubbies would be given an uplift from just the solid colour

How many of us have a lot of solid coloured stubbies? Hands up, a lot of us. My Stubby allows all customers to design stubbies unique to their event, their vacation and their life. Get creative is what we say, especially now after you have overused the same blue stubby throughout isolation and you can’t look at it.  Photos are a perfect way to get creative with your stubby designs and if you go on holiday every other summer, winter or spring you probably have heaps of holiday snaps that you could use as stubby coolers. 

3. They can be collectibles or memorabilia that you can acquire for every vacation. 

Once you start customising your stubbies with holiday snaps, you may not want to stop. They can be your collectibles; the perfect drink size, multifunctional memory that doesn’t take up wall space. The best part is that you don’t just have to print the one, you can print as many as you want. Print them for your neighbours who looked after your pets, print them for your in-laws that say they don’t have any nice photos of you and print multiple copies of them so you can have a reminiscing night with your family and friends. Alternatively, you could custom print a variety of stubby holders from the same vacation with each stubby holder representing a memory like Emma’s time at Disney’s lost and found. 

Next Steps

So with winter breaks and holidays most likely cancelled (we’re hopeful), instead of just sifting through and sighing at your holiday photos MAKE SOME STUBBIES! Custom design your stubbies so that next time you hang out with friends, have a BBQ or are in need of a stubby, it is not the blue one. Have some questions about what you can put on your design? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call us on 0419 521 970. 


Why are Stubbies essential at BBQs?

After 2020, we may be able to list a few essential items in our households, including toilet paper, cake mixes, puzzles and spaghetti. But the question we have almost never wondered until we had ample amount of time to get lost in our thoughts:  why are stubbies essential to the everyday Australian BBQ? 

Well at My Stubby, we thought we would look into it because we wanted to be prepared with a story for the next family and friends barbeque.  Mainly so we don’t have to listen to all of Aunty Karen’s iso stories. Unfortunately, she might still get a few in.  

So here are few stories about why stubby holders are essential. 

Story 1. Stubby Coolers are not just for the Summertime 

Key Notes for the story: Fire, Explosions and Survival of the Drink. 

Stubby holders on the surface appear as just a summer necessity. When in fact they are actually a versatile product that can be used during your winter fires, autumn BBQ’s and at the end of spring clean days. I am not sure if we have mentioned this before, but stubbies are made of neoprene; a material that is comfortable to hold, waterproof and keeps the air away from your drink. This means that even when you are the designated BBQ chef, you can still have a cold drink to consume and that it will still be fizzy. But more importantly, it means that your drink doesn’t become like Aunty Karen’s mulled wine when forgotten about next to the BBQ.

 So stubby coolers are an essential item to your BBQ because they keep your drink tasting the way it’s supposed to taste. 

Story 2. Less Sweat and Keeping Cool

Key Notes for the story: Science, Summers Day and I Could Have Done That. 

Americans seem to have an ample amount of time and money to do some interesting research into why we use stubby coolers (or coozies as they like to call them)… and according to Dale Durran, your coolers keep your drink cold and enjoyable. 

It’s been proven that stubby holders actually reduce the amount of condensation that is emitted from your drink. Meaning your drink can actually stay at a cooler temperature for hours longer than if it was left out next to the BBQ on July 4th (we mean Australia Day). In fact, the study suggests that your drink would heat up by 4.9 ℃ in the summertime if left unsheathed merely because of condensation.  It also indicates that you would be more likely to drop the can, and we think Uncle Brett may have tested this theory at our last BBQ. The study also looked into latent heat, but you don’t need to mention that in your story.  

So a stubby cooler is an essential item to stop us from having to down our drinks in record time. 

Story 3. Need to Know 

Key Notes for Story: Make it personal, we all know someone. 

You really don’t want to go to a family barbeque and have Uncle Brett finish your drink again because he forgot where he put his. So personalised stubby holders have provided you with a solution to the need to know whose drink it is. Everyone at your BBQ can have a randomised, or custom stubby holder that determines that it is their drink.  While you could collect them over a number of years or ask people to bring their own with their drinks, you can also be prepared for your BBQ by creating stubby designs with My Stubby. 

So stubbies are essential, so you don’t lose your drink and this way you can laugh about all the times Uncle Brett finished your drink. 

Story 4. A Time in Our History

Key Notes for the Story: Anticipation, what really happened and personalisation

After spending 10-12 weeks in isolation due to coronavirus, your barbeque is going to be the most anticipated event of 2020 (at least until the pubs reopen).

The chaotic stories of isolation are endless. While you don’t have to mention how many cakes have been baked in your house or your new-found skill in making pasta, you can and should mention the time Uncle Brett Facetimed you to ask who Ryan Reynolds was or what really happened at one of Aunty Karen’s virtual trivia nights. You could even use personalised stubbies to immortalise and preserve the memories. At My Stubby, we can help you make fun and funny customised stubby coolers that are perfect for your out-of-isolation barbeque and highlight the memories just like you remember them. 

So why are Stubbies Essential? The Answer: 

 After some digging and interesting stories, we figured the answer to why we needed stubby coolers at a BBQ is because we’re Australian, and snags on a barbie and stubby in our hands are quintessentially Australian and shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

If you are planning a just-got-out-of-isolation barbeque with your family and friends, remember social distancing rules and make it memorable with custom-designed stubby holders from My Stubby. 

If you have any questions about our stubbies or how to get started, do not hesitate to get in contact with us via email or by calling 0419 521 970. 

Stubby Holders for your Birthday Party and Events


It’s your 32nd birthday and you are throwing a party but apparently you are too old to be handing out lolly bags as party favours (according to Suzanne).  So instead of a lolly bag, you have typed into Google “party favours for adults” and come up with… A GOODIE BAG STUBBY. We know it’s a genius idea and at My Stubby, we can help you fulfil this idea but we just want to let you know about the other functions your birthday stubbies can have at your party. 


Stubby Holder = Embarrassing Slideshow

If it’s not your 32nd birthday but maybe a milestone birthday like your 21st, 50th, the one that will not be mentioned but rhymes with sporty, you or a designated family member may be required to organise a slideshow of your life so far. To save you from embarrassment, forget the PowerPoint presentation, it was probably going to be a technical nightmare on the night anyway. Instead, consider picking a few of those embarrassing photos and putting them on your party favour stubbies. It is killing two birds with one stone, there is less hassle on the night and less embarrassment for yourself, your guests will even appreciate the innovative idea to make the memories last forever. 


Stubby Coolers = Centrepieces 

If you are obsessed with construction or Lego Masters and have always wanted a non-breakable elegant Australian centrepiece at your birthday party, why haven’t you considered a stubby centrepiece? They look fantastic and they fit the brief. 

Stubby coolers are soft and made neoprene meaning they are perfect for building towers in the middle of your refreshments table.  You can even design the stubbies and build the tower yourself, saving you time and money. And it will look exactly like that champagne tower in the Great Gatsby but it will be more useful, more Australian and less breakable. 

So we have helped you remedy two of the most tedious tasks at a birthday party. What else can a stubby holder be? 


Stubbies = Save the Dates, RSVPs and Keys to your Birthday Party

If you were supposed to be having your 32nd birthday extravaganza before isolation and have decided to move the party online, use your stubby coolers as a means to make sure everyone is celebrating your birthday. You can send them out as invites, save the dates, or to friends that have RSVP’d to your Facebook event (just don’t forget Suzanne).  You can even customise the design of your stubbies to have a secret code that will help your guests enter the Zoom call (again just don’t forget Suzanne). Stubbies are a perfect token of appreciation to send to those celebrating because everyone will have a drink they need to keep cool during your event and they are much easier to send than balloons or cupcakes. 

Stubby Holders as Party Favours (Lolly Bags) 

Back to the big idea, the goodie bag stubbies, so what are you going to put in them

Now that you know that stubbies as party favours will tide over your guests, jump onto the My Stubby website and custom design the perfect look for your birthday stubby. It can have embarrassing photos, quotes to remember, your birth date, or even how old you’re turning! And if you need help give us a call on 0419 521 970 or send us an email we want to help you make these stubbies perfect so that everyone thinks you’re a genius. 

Finally, if you can’t think of what to put in those stubby party favours our suggestion: lollies and chocolate, everyone loves them. 

Happy Birthday! And we hope that you consider stubbies for all of your events.

Why you need personalised stubbies for your sports team

With sport on hold at the moment, it is the perfect time to think about colour co-ordinating for the Saturday arvo drinks or the end of year gala event. We know you want to look like a team and not just a bunch of lackeys, but maybe Jono is causing a stir because bright green is not his style. How about personalised stubbies instead? (Ideally start with the colour coordinating outfits with the personalised stubbies just in case your Jono says yes). 

Stubbies are well versed items at Australian sporting events and after parties. Fun Fact! Every athlete that has represented Australia or played in a final series at a professional level has a personalised stubbie for that event. 

The Olympics? Check.
The Comm Games 2018? Check.
The Womens Soccer World Cup? Check.
Geelong Cats 2007, 2009 and 2011 Premierships? Check, Check and Check. 

So why not for your sports team event? They make you look like a team and it is a handy memorabilia that wont gone out of fashion. The stubbies can even be in bright green! 

That is not the only reasons you want stubbies for your team events though. You want them because no one will say no to keeping their drink cold. If thats not enough stubbies can also be personalised for every individual in your team. 

Got three Olivias who all go by different names? No problem you can personalise each stubby with a different name. This is also a good idea if you have locker room names that you want your teammate (Jono) to never forget being called. Just remember to spell check your own name.

Maybe you want everyone to remember the season you won the grand final? EASY. You can add the winners photo to your stubbie template.  But try and make sure everyone is looking at the camera. 

And if you are the coach, captain or team manager, maybe add some wise words for the team to remember you by. Make it special and not just “eyes on the prize”. It can be anything maybe the workout your known for, the phrase you say the most, or the most iconic blunder you had on the court or field (Yes we all remember when you brought sugar-free lollies for half time). 

At My Stubby we encourage you to get creative and have some fun with your design. We want to help you look like a team in the best way possible. We have fully customisable stubby designs for every team, occasion and event and if you are stuck check out some of our premade templates. 

Or if you have got a question about your design don’t hesitate to call us, we dont want Jono saying no to your ideas again.  We are open from 8am – 10pm so you can even give us a call after your next training session or team meeting. 

Just dont leave the stubby plans to the last minute! Give us a call on 0419 521 970 or email 

Why use custom printed stubby holders to market your business?

In today’s uber competitive world, marketing your business brand successfully can initially seem a little daunting with so many choices in how and where you can advertise and promote your business’ products and services.

Every good marketer will tell you that while there are many excellent marketing tools available to communicate your brand message to your customers, nothing beats promotional products or merchandise to connect with customers in a tangible, fun, and unique way!

Promotional merchandise is usually branded with your business name, logo and/or marketing message making it a very simple yet memorable and effective way to advertise.

Traditionally used at events, conferences, business launches and trade shows, promotional products really stand apart from other forms of marketing when used at these types of occasions.

Who hasn’t got a collection of business branded hats, caps and pens in their office?

As a promotional marketing item, the humble stubby holder really kicks goals in your kit of marketing tools.  It is super useful, entirely unique, easily personalised, lightweight, and a keeper!

A winning factor when using a stubby holder as compared to a cap or pen for brand marketing, is its longevity.  Not only is it made from durable materials, its simple design and practical use means your message will continue to be seen in years to come as people tend to hang on to it long after the event.

For this and many other reasons, the humble stubby holder has long been a fan favourite for many corporations and businesses for brand awareness and general advertising messages.

You too can get the marketing edge with My Stubby custom printed stubby holders and here is why;

  • Affordable – Commonly made from neoprene or other super lightweight materials, stubby holders are inexpensive and easy to transport.
  • Simple design and fully customisable – Stubby holders come in a wide variety of vibrant colours, and with the simple, flexible cylinder shape can be printed in an endless array of designs, logos, photos and messages, fully customised to your design choices.
  • Long term brand awareness – As a useful and functional item the stubby holder tends to be used often and in many different places ie the backyard bbq, work fridge, on the road, at a party or event, ensuring your marketing message, brand and logo is constantly seen long after your event.

The reasons for using a stubby holder marketing campaign for your business are pretty compelling.

Why choose My Stubby?

  • Quality assurance – We have a customer care proofing process that ensures you will see how your design looks before we print.
  • Quick turnaround – Made locally on our premises we can fulfil your order quickly and efficiently.
  • Sturdy construction – Constructed in 5ml neoprene with a firm base and stitched up the side, our holders last for years.

My Stubby HQ

Here at My Stubby HQ we make it our business to make sure your company brand is presented in the best way possible clearly reflecting the ‘personality’ of your business.

We have fully customisable promotional stubby holders to help you celebrate your next business or corporate event.  If you can think of it, we can print it (we have loads of ideas if you get stuck and we design for free!).

We are open from 8am – 10pm and just a phone call away. The best bit – there is no minimum on orders. Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you.

Get yours now! Give us a call 0419 521 970 or email