Thinking about Christmas and what to get the hard to buy for

Christmas, is it too early to start talking about it? Where has 2020 gone? There is only six more weeks until Christmas and delivery times are at an all time high, so it is time to start thinking about your gift list. Christmas Day may look a little different this year as many states have limits on gatherings but there will still be gifts to buy for when you can catch up with all your family.

You have to buy gifts for: 

  • Mum who has given you a very specific item to buy
  • Your sister who NEEDS the latest skincare product
  • Your brother who only wears Nike, so he’s sorted.
  • Dad who is very vague about what he wants because he forgot Christmas is coming.
  • Your Auntie who always get too drunk at Christmas
  • Your Uncle who “let you” paint his toenails pink last Christmas
  • And your 2nd Cousin who you don’t know but Mum has invited to Christmas lunch this year.

That’s a lot of gifts to think about, at least some people like your mum and sister have been specific for you. What are you going to do for the rest of them?

Well of course you are going to get them their favourite drink and a set of personalised stubby coolers for them. Why wouldn’t you?

Stubbies are great for keeping your drinks cold, but there is an added significance to a personalised stubby. Here’s why you should consider customising your Christmas gift stubbies this year.

It’s the Christmas Present that is not going to be forgotten about

When you give a person a personalised gift they will treasure it forever. It will not only be something everyone remembers you giving, but because it’s a stubby holder they will be reminded every time they use it. It’s a functional memory that will be cherished. Personalised stubby coolers are also a great Christmas present because you can choose from an array of memories, it doesn’t just have to be the nice family photo from last Christmas. Instead it could be a picture of your Dad dancing on the boat, a drawing of your uncle’s pink toes and the caption “don’t fall asleep this year” or simply your aunt pulling a funny selfie.

Stubbies are perfect this Christmas because it will remind them of when you gave it to them and the memory you featured on the stubby. Just don’t be surprised next Christmas when you get a similar present.

It will be the most talked about Christmas present for years to come

You will almost come off as the favourite child, niece or nephew because every time the stubby is brought out for a bbq the recipient will say “You know I got that as a Christmas gift from Josh” Even when your dad and uncle go fishing and your dad yells “Did you pack my stubby cooler, yeah the one from Sarah.” While everyone else in your family will eye roll, you will be smiling with glee because you thought up not only the perfect gift but also a way to gain constant endorsement as the favourite.

If it’s a personalised stubby, it will be even more talked about than just a plain VB stubby because people will ask about the photo, the caption and where they got it. What’s not to love about a gift that can provide stories forever?

Stubbies are for everyone, even the hard to buy for

So you’re still stuck on what to get the second cousin, Jill, who’s coming to Christmas lunch. Well lucky for you, you can customise a set of stubbies with just quirky text, like “So glad you could make it this year.” So stubbies are the perfect gift even the hard to buy for or the people you don’t know yet. It’s not only a great introduction to someone you don’t know but it’s also something everyone can use because everyone needs a stubby at least at Christmas lunch if not at every barbeque during the summer.

Stubbies can be personalised for everyone and are gifts that just keep on giving, so why wouldn’t you buy sets of stubbies for your nearest, dearest and even hard to buy for this year?

My Stubby, Christmas Gift Experts

The team at My Stubby are the Christmas elves you are looking for! We can help you organise the perfect gift (stubbies) for everyone. Stubby coolers are for everyone and when customised your family will feel extra special. It doesn’t even take too long to personalise each set of stubbies, just upload a photo or provide a quirky message and you’re almost done.  With only six weeks to go though it is time to get started, order now or enquire by calling 0419 521 970.