Corporate Christmas Parties in 2020: What to Consider [Goody Bag Ideas Inside]

Corporate Christmas Parties in 2020: What to Consider [Goody Bag Ideas Inside]

It may not feel like it but it is a week away from November! 

Due to the unplanned hibernation over winter, you may be scrambling for ideas on what to do for your office Christmas party. What is probably causing the most hindrance is the changing rules of what your business can and can’t do. Each state has different restrictions and some states like Victoria have different restrictions based on your postcode. It is no wonder that you feel like time has slipped away. 

At My Stubby, we want to help you get the Christmas Party plans back on track and make sure you have enough time to order the custom stubby coolers for your party. 

The Biggest Trend

The biggest trend of the year (besides online sales for track pants) has been hosting virtual events. We have seen and participated in them all, even the live stream with Shawn Mendes. But many people are becoming tired of the same virtual events. You know the sign up, listen, break out, and sign off routine, it’s almost like a chore except often you still have to listen to Cheryl tell you about her latest DIY project. While adding your custom stubbies to the mix would make the event more interesting you might have to think a little bit more outside the box for your office Christmas party. 

Luckily there are so many ways, you can spice up the virtual event and have lots of fun with your team. Here are some of our tips.

Tip 1. Consider What Event You Can Have

While for the most part, the Christmas party might have to be virtual, in almost every part of Australia you can gather with up to ten people outside. So why not create some virtual workplace bubbles and have some drinks outside with some personalised stubbies for the event? (Yes, we know it might ruin Cheryl’s hair, but maybe pick a non-windy area) This way even if the majority of your Christmas party is virtual, it’s not going to be boring because you and some of your colleagues can catch up on everything outside of work. And it certainly won’t feel like one of those standard virtual events.  

Tip 2. Have an Agenda

A virtual event runs the best when there is an agenda that everyone has access to and is able to understand. At your work Christmas party, don’t forget to have ice breakers, drink breaks and the PowerPoint presentation ready to go. Cheryl might complain loudly if she has to wait for the presentation to be set up as she could be gardening. It would be an even better idea to make sure the PowerPoint presentation was Christmas themed, quirky and entertaining for your colleagues. 

Tip 3. Play Games

Christmas parties are all about networking with your colleagues getting to know them a little bit better. So if you are having a virtual or hybrid Christmas party don’t forget the games. Games make everyone a little more at ease and Cheryl might even forget the whole party is virtual. Obviously, not all games are going to be appropriate for a work Christmas party, but virtual trivias and guessing games are likely to get your whole team involved. You could even divide your colleagues into teams by the different themed stubbies they have. 

Tip 4. Prepare Virtual Goodie Bags 

Now onto the good stuff! While hosting the event might be the biggest challenge, people are still going to want those goodie bags filled with sweets, company swag, and even a small token of appreciation. One critical thing to remember in the goodie bag this year is your customised COVID-19 stubby holders. They are essential as everyone will have a drink in their hand and if it is outside they are going to want to keep their drink cold. These stubbies can be creative with funny puns about how great 2020 was going to be, they can be individualised with your colleague’s names and a quirky title or you can make them professional to fit in with other company swag. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • “Wow I feel like I was barely in the office this year!”
  • Am I in the future yet? 
  • Cheryl, Wineaholic or Brad, Craft Beer Connoisseur 
  • Thank you for being apart of our team this year

Design Your Stubbies

Every Corporate Christmas party needs something to be remembered by. Without the photo booth, this year stubbies are a perfect way to remember this virtual event. They keep your drink cold, are easy to hold and are versatile in what they can be used for. At My Stubby, you can design and personalise stubbies for each individual at your workplace and make the night even more memorable. So don’t let time slip away and get started designing your stubbies now