It’s us, not you

We’re sorry.

Our online Design Your Own Feature service is currently under construction.

But there is good news….

1. The new fan dangled service is going to be tip top! Stay tuned.
2. In the mean time, you get to take advantage of our free design service when you order and design a custom stubby holder.

Here at My Stubby, the team can do it all and we’ll design for free. You can also personalise the order with any photo.

Nothing else around the place has changed – we’re still affordable, there’s no order too small and our customer service is awesome. Just ask Rebecca, one of our lovely customers:  “Our order of 21 bucks stubbies arrived today. I only ordered them yesterday. Fast turnaround. You guys should be appreciated for your customer service from Keli on the phone to delivery.”

Oh, and we still have the fastest production in Australia.

Send through your order directly to us or call 0419 521 970.