Finish the season on a high…

Here at My Stubby HQ we love the magical months of August and September for two reasons – spring and sport.
Finals fever has hit, premierships trophies are up for grabs, and over on the sidelines the supporters are going berserk.
Despite end of season ladder positions, now is the time clubs come together to celebrate the season that was.
A printed stubby holder is a great way to show your passion and loyalty, it’s also a cheap and easy way to promote your club.
(Plus, you can look back on the glory days when you moved like a gazelle, had more hair and less wrinkles.)
They can be used for trophies or prizes to give to members, or as fundraisers to help raise a few extra dollars.
We can incorporate any design onto your custom printed stubby holder.
You might like the club logo, theme song, some action snaps or the premiership winning score and team list.
The best bits, there’s no minimum order size so we can print a one-off or 100, and our turnaround is super quick.
To find out more, contact our friendly team on 0419 521 970, email or go online to