How To Beat The Christmas Rush

Every year we say “I’m going to get a head start on those Christmas presents” but get caught up in the rush of our busy day-to-day lives. Organising your Christmas stubby holders early will save you time and money! You will thank yourself later.

What can you do to beat the Christmas rush

  • Make lists: You’d be surprised at how much more organised you feel just by making a list. Writing down who needs what will provide you some clarity and ensure you are prepared for when you hit the shops. These lists also allow you the time to make any adjustments to your budget should someone all of a sudden decide they want a new swimming pool. Having a list already prepared will help you.
  • Don’t throw away those letterbox catalogues: These are great for ensuring you get a head start. Circle anything that grabs your attention. Or buy it while it’s on sale and hide it away for December.  As well as online resources, catalogues make it easier for you to keep track of what’s on sale, which in turn will save you money.
  • Be innovative: A small gift that has lots of sentiment can be more meaningful than a whole heap of gifts that are pretty much stocking fillers. You might get your sister that charm bracelet she’s always wanted that will last her a lifetime, or you may even create your own personalised stubby holders that will serve as a memento for your most significant social memories. Either way, gifts that are unique and have a lot of thought behind them are a crowd pleaser.
  • Stock up: The best way to stock up on your festive lunch goods is to hit the stores after Christmas when these items are heavily discounted. Stock up, store them away and then come next Christmas time you are already prepared. Stocking up early is an affordable and effective way to get a head start on your preparations.

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