How to make good use of your favourite vacation photos

So winter vacation was supposed to be in a couple of weeks, but with international travel halted and some of the borders shut, it is looking like we are stuck at home. Don’t worry though we have a nostalgic stress reliever for you: going through all of your old vacation photos! (Yes even those ones from 2007)

Going through these photos, you will relive memories you may have forgotten about like the time you went to Queensland and saw some wild dolphins, when you bungee jumped in New Zealand or even when you snowballed at Mt Buller. You may also relive some funny memories of your family on these vacations like when Emma decided to sleep in the wrong tent. 

These photos may be your treasures that solely remind you of this holiday, unlike Mum you forgot to pick up some magnets for the fridge and you didn’t go out of your way to get themed shot glasses like Dad. Everyone collects something from their holidays, whether it be pendants, postcards, t-shirts, pins or magnets and shot glasses. But not many people revisit their photos after taking them on holiday (and maybe posting all of them on Facebook), and they are great memories (and photos). So how can you make sure never to lose these memories in a fun yet creative way? With personalised stubbies of course! 

At My Stubby, we often get questions about what you can print onto stubby coolers, and the answer is anything you can imagine. So why not your old holiday photos? 

1. Your photos would be useful not just decorative

Some people hate printing out photos because they don’t know where to put them or they just don’t have space in their hallway anymore. With a personalised stubby holder, you don’t have to put your photo on the wall. Instead, it can go in the cupboard or drawer with all of your other stubby holders, and you can bring it out and use it for any occasion. And we mean any occasion such as bragging that you were in New York at Christmas or for nostalgia because you really miss the sunset in Vietnam. The best thing about printing your favourite photos on a stubby is that they don’t fade over time like a picture would, so you can keep reliving the memory forever. 

2. Your stubbies would be given an uplift from just the solid colour

How many of us have a lot of solid coloured stubbies? Hands up, a lot of us. My Stubby allows all customers to design stubbies unique to their event, their vacation and their life. Get creative is what we say, especially now after you have overused the same blue stubby throughout isolation and you can’t look at it.  Photos are a perfect way to get creative with your stubby designs and if you go on holiday every other summer, winter or spring you probably have heaps of holiday snaps that you could use as stubby coolers. 

3. They can be collectibles or memorabilia that you can acquire for every vacation. 

Once you start customising your stubbies with holiday snaps, you may not want to stop. They can be your collectibles; the perfect drink size, multifunctional memory that doesn’t take up wall space. The best part is that you don’t just have to print the one, you can print as many as you want. Print them for your neighbours who looked after your pets, print them for your in-laws that say they don’t have any nice photos of you and print multiple copies of them so you can have a reminiscing night with your family and friends. Alternatively, you could custom print a variety of stubby holders from the same vacation with each stubby holder representing a memory like Emma’s time at Disney’s lost and found. 

Next Steps

So with winter breaks and holidays most likely cancelled (we’re hopeful), instead of just sifting through and sighing at your holiday photos MAKE SOME STUBBIES! Custom design your stubbies so that next time you hang out with friends, have a BBQ or are in need of a stubby, it is not the blue one. Have some questions about what you can put on your design? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or call us on 0419 521 970.