Preparing For Your Sporting Fundraiser

Australians are well known for kicking off their sporting events with a bang. We proudly celebrate footy finals with our good mates and a great spread of food alongside chilled beverages in our personalised stubby holders. With the oncoming Australian cricket season drawing closer, why not start preparations for your very own sporting clubs special event or fundraiser?

These events encourage a huge gathering of people, they also show a great deal of support for local teams. Hence, proving to be the perfect opportunity to celebrate not just the upcoming cricket season in general, but the hard work and achievements of our players.  

To help you organise your sporting fundraiser we’ve broken the planning process down into the following:

  • Organise a committee: Your committee are the people in charge of your events organisation. Allocate roles and responsibilities, have regular catch up meets to ensure everyone is informed of updates and always make a record of your meeting minutes.
  • Bookings: The more notice you can put a plan into place the better to ensure you have ample notice to make necessary bookings. Keep in mind that depending on what you need, you may require insurance, ensure your food spread complies with health and food regulations, need particular permissions or need to organise guest speakers.These will all require sufficient notice.
  • Fundraising goal: Decide on a goal you want to reach for the fundraiser. What will you need to do to achieve this goal? How can your fundraiser motivate people to contribute? Devise a budget to ensure the money you are spending is not going to exceed to overall fundraising amount.
  • Research: Take consideration of fundraising events that may have happened in the past for your club, or the clubs of others. Researching other fundraisers is useful to not only gain ideas for your own event, but to observe what inclusions will make the fundraiser a success.
  • Be innovative: Think about who your contacts are! Are there any talents or helpful contributions that club members, friends, colleagues or family members can assist you with? How are you going to dress up the event? Will you have streamers and balloons sporting your team’s colours? Stubby holders with the best and fairest? Stubby holders with the clubman of the year even?

Personalised gifts and party favours are a popular choice for sporting celebrations. They make a wonderful memento for an event or night out and serve as a reminder of good times that were had. My Stubby have provided orders for personalised stubby holders for sporting clubs throughout Australia, and we can provide yours! Do you have an upcoming sporting celebration coming up? Why not design your own stubby holders for guests? Get in touch with My Stubby today and see how we can help you.