So long, farewell, never forget…

As we all know, the passing of a loved one is never easy.
If you are looking for a unique and personal way to help celebrate the life of someone special, the My Stubby team can help keep their memory at hand. Quite literally.
A personalised memorial stubby holder is the perfect memento(not to mention talking point!) to say cheers to a life, or to give to guests at a funeral or wake.And, it’s a keepsake to take home and place somewhere special to ensure the memory of thedearly departed lives on.
We can personalise the holder exactly to your needs with thoughtful design, sensitivity and style.
You might like to include a picture, nickname or favourite quote or design something yourself
online using our editing program.
A range of colours are available, there’s no minimum order size, and we have the fastest
production in Australia.
If you would like to know more, please phone 0419 521 970, email or go online to