Spring into Action!

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year. All of the major sporting events happen in spring, the school year finishes in spring, and there are probably a lot of birthday parties in spring too. So it is no wonder that almost every weekend in your calendar is filled with a spring event. You may have thought you had gotten out of them this year, but thankfully we have Zoom and it’s the life of the party. 

Even if you don’t live in Queensland, where everything is happening, you can still celebrate and commemorate the events with custom made stubbies. These stubbies can be the collectible at-home 2020 edition for the events you would usually attempt to attend in person. 

So what events are we going on about? 

The Finals Series 

The AFL, the NRL and the Suncorp Super Netball are all scheduled to play out their grand finals in the second last week of October. While many of us are unable to attend these events, it doesn’t mean we should count out our grand final parties, particularly because we still get a public holiday. The final series would be a great time to show your support for your team from your living room, and you can still text your digs to Daniel the Collingwood supporter. You can even get the whole family involved with customised stubby holders for each event. And if you are stuck in lockdown in Victoria, throw a zoom grand final party complete with Mike on the barbie asking for the scores, Tyler wanting the kids to stop supporting the wrong team and Sharon going nuts every time a goal is scored. If you want to make your stubbies even more customised here are a few ideas: 

  • Add a photo and quirky title for each family member: Joel the TV Umpire
  • Get everyone’s predictions for the best player and who will win beforehand so no one can change their mind last minute. For example, Daniel will probably put Collingwood by 30 points and Steele Sidebottom. 
  • Add the team song, so nobody forgets it after having a few. 

The Races

It’s the Spring Racing Carnival and while racing has been running all year long it usually during spring that we dress up and place our bets. So while we don’t have to get up and spend 3 hours in hair and makeup this year (it’s ok Sarah) we can still cheer on the horses and have fresh champagne at home. You can even class up your drinks with decorative stubby coolers for the occasion, you can choose from some of our templates or create your own. It might even be time to try those new craft beers or break out some special bubbles for the races to make everyone feel fancy. 

For your races day don’t forget to create a sweep with all the horses and jockeys and give everyone someone to barrack for. You could even do this with your customised stubbies by adding the horses’ name and jockey colours and then delivering them to each of your sweep participants, but make sure to give Sarah the pink and white checkers that match her outfit. 

Remembrance Day

On the 11th of November, we commemorate the brave souls that fought in World War I. While it is not a public holiday here in Australia and we cannot gather to pay our respects we can still commemorate our ANZACs. One of the ways you may choose to commemorate this year is with some poppy-themed stubby coolers. They are the perfect keepsakes for those you have lost at war and a great way to remember their services. 

Some things to think about for your design include: 

  • Will it be poppies or the Australian flag? 
  • What photo will you use? 
  • Adding where they served, the dates or their rank. 

Make sure to get in early with your designs so you can have a drink for them in the 12th hour after commemorating them in the 11th hour. (Then maybe get back to work, it is a Wednesday.)


One of the last things to happen during spring is the end of the academic year, and you might have a graduate in your house this year, who has suffered through weeks or months of online study. You may have even thought you were back at school. Unfortunately, though their graduation might even be cancelled due to restrictions on large events. So celebrate (and embarrass) the graduates with some customised stubbies and an hour-long Zoom call. While the Zoom call may appear as the embarrassing element, you can customise the stubbies to show their first day of school or highlight something funny or ironic they have said, Tyler will appreciate it eventually. Overall, though it will just be nice to see some friendly faces and have a bit of a party to celebrate the achievements your graduate has made. 

My Stubby 

At My Stubby, we can help you design and create stubbies for every event or occasion in spring. Whether that be the zoom graduation to embarrass Tyler, the footy grand final barbeque that Joel will umpire or the spring racing carnival event you are holding so Sarah can show off her new dress, there is a stubby design for every occasion. Just log onto our website and upload or draw in your design and if you need help don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.