Stubby holders for Australia Day!

When you think of summer what do you think of? Beach trips with friends? Family bbq’s? Being able to sit outside after the sun goes down because the air is still nice and warm? One thing many Australians enjoy is celebrating Australia Day alongside family and friends on January 26th. While many families and friendship groups choose to dress up and celebrate over a BBQ, others may simply enjoy a beach day with their loved ones. If you are in need of ideas for your next Australia Day celebrations, we’ve devised a list of ideas of how you and your family can celebrate.

Family beach day:

Gather your family together, fill up an eskie with some ice cold drinks, grab your favourite beach umbrella, dig out those boogie boards and head to the beach. The beach is a well-known favourite amongst Australians and gives visitors a relaxing experience as well as an exciting, high adrenaline one. Why not have a beach picnic? Or set up a game of beach cricket? Take your favourite ice-creams and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Barbeque with your mates:

The ultimate Aussie tradition. Make a list of friends to invite and organise a summer barbeque. Curate a playlist of all of your favourite hits, mix your own delicious signature punch and prepare traditional desserts to make the barbeque festive. You can also gather up Australia Day themed plates, serviettes, and personalised stubby holders to get everybody in the spirit. This is also a great way to give guests a memento of an enjoyable day they had with their mates.

Dress up in green and gold:

Or the traditional colours of the Australian flag. You can super creative with your Australia Day outfits, the ideas are endless. Head down to the local $2 shop to grab a yellow afro wig. You can even choose from green ballet skirts, Australia flag capes, pom poms, oversized sunglasses, ribbons, body paint etc. Part of the fun is dressing up and getting creative right?

Get together with friends and watch the fireworks:

If you are taking your celebrations into the night, why not get together with friends and watch scheduled fireworks? Organise dinner reservations, find out where your closest show will be, get your camera ready and watch the show afterwards. Locations all over Australia hold their own firework celebrations, many accompanied by live music or entertaining street performers.

Make a spread with your favourite food:

Food is the heart of all vibrant celebrations with family and friends. Organise a lunch with all of your favourite traditional Australian food you grew up on. This could include meat pies, Tim Tams, lamingtons, sausages in bread or Vegemite pizzas even. Or why not make a morning of it and whip up your favourite desserts such as pavlovas, vanilla slice, ANZAC biscuits, or Milo on ice-cream.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Australia Day you can make it a memorable one. One that gives your guests memories to take home. Are you in need of stubby holders for your Australia Day celebrations? Contact My Stubby and see how we can help you.