Stubby Holders for your Birthday Party and Events


It’s your 32nd birthday and you are throwing a party but apparently you are too old to be handing out lolly bags as party favours (according to Suzanne).  So instead of a lolly bag, you have typed into Google “party favours for adults” and come up with… A GOODIE BAG STUBBY. We know it’s a genius idea and at My Stubby, we can help you fulfil this idea but we just want to let you know about the other functions your birthday stubbies can have at your party. 


Stubby Holder = Embarrassing Slideshow

If it’s not your 32nd birthday but maybe a milestone birthday like your 21st, 50th, the one that will not be mentioned but rhymes with sporty, you or a designated family member may be required to organise a slideshow of your life so far. To save you from embarrassment, forget the PowerPoint presentation, it was probably going to be a technical nightmare on the night anyway. Instead, consider picking a few of those embarrassing photos and putting them on your party favour stubbies. It is killing two birds with one stone, there is less hassle on the night and less embarrassment for yourself, your guests will even appreciate the innovative idea to make the memories last forever. 


Stubby Coolers = Centrepieces 

If you are obsessed with construction or Lego Masters and have always wanted a non-breakable elegant Australian centrepiece at your birthday party, why haven’t you considered a stubby centrepiece? They look fantastic and they fit the brief. 

Stubby coolers are soft and made neoprene meaning they are perfect for building towers in the middle of your refreshments table.  You can even design the stubbies and build the tower yourself, saving you time and money. And it will look exactly like that champagne tower in the Great Gatsby but it will be more useful, more Australian and less breakable. 

So we have helped you remedy two of the most tedious tasks at a birthday party. What else can a stubby holder be? 


Stubbies = Save the Dates, RSVPs and Keys to your Birthday Party

If you were supposed to be having your 32nd birthday extravaganza before isolation and have decided to move the party online, use your stubby coolers as a means to make sure everyone is celebrating your birthday. You can send them out as invites, save the dates, or to friends that have RSVP’d to your Facebook event (just don’t forget Suzanne).  You can even customise the design of your stubbies to have a secret code that will help your guests enter the Zoom call (again just don’t forget Suzanne). Stubbies are a perfect token of appreciation to send to those celebrating because everyone will have a drink they need to keep cool during your event and they are much easier to send than balloons or cupcakes. 

Stubby Holders as Party Favours (Lolly Bags) 

Back to the big idea, the goodie bag stubbies, so what are you going to put in them

Now that you know that stubbies as party favours will tide over your guests, jump onto the My Stubby website and custom design the perfect look for your birthday stubby. It can have embarrassing photos, quotes to remember, your birth date, or even how old you’re turning! And if you need help give us a call on 0419 521 970 or send us an email we want to help you make these stubbies perfect so that everyone thinks you’re a genius. 

Finally, if you can’t think of what to put in those stubby party favours our suggestion: lollies and chocolate, everyone loves them. 

Happy Birthday! And we hope that you consider stubbies for all of your events.