The Perfect Father’s Day Gift 

Father’s Day is the day we appreciate our dads, but it can also be described as the forgotten holiday on our calendars. Unlike mums, dads don’t mention this day six weeks in advance, and they definitely don’t tell you exactly what they want. It’s always a guessing game and a struggle to think up a present better than a colourful tie or new socks. At My Stubby, we think we have the perfect gift for Aussie Dads, STUBBIES of course. 

Stubbies might appear as the bogan Father’s Day option when in fact, they are the membership card to being an Aussie dad and should not be underestimated as the perfect gift. 

Stubby coolers are a quintessential item for an Aussie dad. We don’t know a Steve, Shane, Greg, Jim or Robbo that hasn’t said they needed a cold one at least six(ty) times. It’s almost as common and certainly as iconic as Americans asking us if we throw shrimp on the barbie.

At My Stubby, we want to help you create the perfect father’s day gift with personalised stubbies


Custom Design? 

You can create your own Father’s Day design personalised to match your dad. But if you’re not an artist, that’s ok! We have templated designs that can assist you in creating the perfect gift. All you need is a photo of your dad, partner, grandfather, father-in-law and maybe their name and a quirky message, but really the photo is the most important element. The photo can be anything from your favourite memory, your dad pulling a funny face, yours or his baby picture or it can even be just a nice photo of your dad. Once uploaded, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Proving a Point? 

If you have got siblings, you may need to settle the age-old argument of who the favourite child is… obviously, it’s you, who else would have thought up such a great idea? Prove your point and make sure your family knows who the favourite child is by personalising the stubby holder with your favourite memory and photo of just you and your dad. Or you can try a more subtle approach, create a collage of your dad’s favourite memories and add a note in the card “from your favourite”. Either option is sure to prove your point though. 


We know, you’re never quite sure what to write in your dad’s card let alone what message should be written on the stubby cooler. Happy Father’s Day is an obvious choice, but you can get more creative and write a heartfelt message, a dad joke, or your dad’s favourite line. Every dad has their saying, some are better than others. Don’t be disappointed if your father sticks with his cliche Darth Vadar line.

 If you are stuck here are some great lines to use: 

  • I may be taller than you now, but I still look up to you.
  • Fathers Day: Just like Mother’s Day except you don’t spend as much.
  • Dad, you’re in all my favourite memories.
  • You made growing up fun!
  • You’ve always been like a father to me.

Lockdown Approved

COVID-19 has probably put a halt to a lot of traditional Father’s Day activities including your extended family barbeque (phew), but you shouldn’t have to fret about going out to get your Father’s Day gift. One of the best things about creating personalised stubby holders is you can create it from the comfort of your home and be assured it will arrive at your doorstep (or your father’s) quickly (and contactless in Victoria). At My Stubby, we love being able to help deliver memories in the form of stubby coolers, and we have Australia’s fastest turnaround times. So even if you have forgotten and need it by Sunday, design a cooler (quickly), and we will make sure you still look like the favourite child. 

The Perfect Gift

So don’t forget your perfect gift this Father’s Day, head to our design page and get creative! 

And Happy Fathers Day to all dads this September 6th! We hope all Shanes, Steves, Grants, Jims and Robs spend the day enjoying some more quality family time and a “cold one” with their new customised stubby holder.