Top Holiday Destinations for Groups

Finding a top-notch holiday destination that ticks all the boxes for a group of people can be a full-time job. Helen wants to go sightseeing, Dave wants to check out the swimming spots, and Sarah just wants to have a mojito by the pool and read a good book, but you all want to meet up at the local pub or club and check out the social scene.

Getting exhausted just reading about the planning involved? You could pay someone to do it for you, or you could just save some time and money and check out our list of affordable top holiday destinations for groups.

New Zealand

Our friends across the water have a lot to offer when it comes to group holidays. There’s no language barrier (except a few token phrases that warrant some clarification), you’re surrounded by picturesque views, stunning mountain ranges, crystal clear water, and an abundance of culture that dates back hundreds and hundreds of years. Not to mention the vast variety of vineyards and brew houses to tantalise the tastebuds!

It’s a hop, skip and jump over the water with very affordable flights and accommodation, and covers your group from the tour-junkies to the social butterflies.


This South-Eastern gem is a hive of activity, scenic beauty, rich culture and countless spots to have a great time. A painless flight for a few hours will get your group to this paradise where accommodation options are limitless. Groups can hire out entire houses or hotels (depending on size) for a bulk discount and take the stress out of finding something with enough space that won’t break the bank.

Known for its incredibly fresh and delicious food and hospitality, Thailand is buzzing with group activities and experiences, and a place to get a cold drink in the balmy weather is never far away.

United States of America

Where do we start! We’ll level with you, the flight is long, but worth it. Each part of America has its own unique twist of Western culture from state-to-state, making it a dynamic and exciting place for a group holiday. From Bourbon Street in the South to the famous Vegas Strip, they have the market cornered on good-time destinations.

With accommodation and flight bundling sites, Air BnB, and even the option to hire an RV and drive from place-to-place, the USA makes for an affordable and unforgettable crowd-pleaser.


It’s everyone’s idea of the perfect tropical getaway. A place where you can swim under a waterfall, trek through a rainforest, and sip a delicious beverage from a coconut on the beach. The position of Hawaii gives it the ideal climate for both you and nature to strut your stuff. Cheap flight and accommodation deals pop up all year round on holiday bundling sites making it easy to click your way to a holiday.


It’s a crowd favourite, and for good reason. Indonesia’s tourism industry has built itself around making the perfect combination of relaxation, scenic splendour, intriguing activities, and a thriving night life. With a reputation as the most bang for your buck when it comes to currency exchange, Indonesia is one of the most affordable and convenient holiday hotspots for Aussie groups.

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