We have your bucks event stubby holders sorted

There is nothing quite like celebrating your bucks night. Surrounding yourself with your best mates and enjoying their company before the big day. Bucks parties are known to provide memories that will last a lifetime. You can capture photos on your phone, and film your mates daggy dance moves to use as memories of a fun-packed night. But why not also get those personalised stubby holders ready to go? Your best man might use photos taken on the night to make stubby holders as a thank you gift for later on? If you haven’t yet, check out our tips for making the perfect bucks stubby holder designs.

Choose your template:

Jump online and browse through the templates available for stubby holder designs. These will give you an idea on how you can create your own for your bucks night celebrations. You may choose to have a design that includes a memorable photo of you and your mates, or simply just include a heartfelt message.   

Choose your text:

The message you choose to have printed on your personalised stubby holder can be straight from the heart and full of sentiment or it can be light hearted and full of humour. You might like to include one of those dad-jokes you’re famous for, or plaster the nickname the boys know you by all over the design. Or you might just stick to the simple design of a title and date of your bucks celebration.

Choose your colour:

Decide on what colour you would like your stubby holders to have. If there is more than one colour then that also works, your personalised stubby holders are just that- personalised. We want you to create them with the colours you like and the design you like. You might choose to include your favourite footy team colours or colours of the costumes (if any) you’re wearing at your bucks.

Check out the stubby holder business online designs:

You will find stubby holder printers like us will offer our own templates you can opt for should you choose. To give you more choice these templates come in a wide variety of designs and a variety of different colours, images and fonts for you to select from. Are you looking for inspiration for your own design? Take a look through the templates if you are stuck for ideas on your own design.

Choose your uploaded image:

Rather create your very own design from scratch? That can be easily done with a good custom stubby holder company. When creating your very own stubby holder you have the option of uploading your favourite image to commemorate the occasion. To ensure you get the best print result you can get, choose an image that has high resolution. The higher the resolution the better.

Do you need help creating your very own celebratory stubby holders? Our friendly team can help you. Contact us today.