Wedding Stubbies: The Most Popular Party Favour

stubby holders at a wedding reception

It’s wedding season again and we know that every bride and groom have a hundred things they need to check off their list before the big day. Who to invite? What music to have? The cake flavour? Not to mention the important things like the date, the location, and what party favours need to be at the reception.

At My Stubby, we are here to tell you to forget all of the other wedding favours you have seen on Facebook ads, stubby holders are a must have wedding favour. There are so many reasons why stubbies are perfect for your wedding like the fact they can be taken everywhere and they are loved by everyone. But a piece of advice from us, maybe don’t leave the groomsmen in charge of the design (or spelling).

3 reasons why you NEED stubby coolers at your wedding

Your wedding is outdoors

Every couple has their dream wedding location and we know for many Australians their reception is outdoors like at the beach, in a vineyard or on the patio of their favourite brewery. We also know there are so many things running through your mind in the lead up to the wedding that you probably wouldn’t even think about the alcohol sitting outside in the afternoon sun. This is why stubby coolers as wedding favours are a great idea because not only will they tie into your wedding but it means nobody’s drink will go warm.

Another great reason to have our stubbies at your wedding is that stubbies provide protection from glass breakages and spills that Aunty Jo might cause. So there is less clean up at the end of the night and your bridesmaids can take their heels off.

Easy to arrange

Less set up time means more time to enjoy your wedding day and less stress about how your reception will look. Stubbies are perfect for your wedding because there is no set up involved and all you will need to do is put them on the table next to the name cards. Or you could customise each one to have the guests name and skip the name card altogether!

Show off a bit of the Australian you are

Everyone loves a traditional wedding but they can get rather boring after the first three, having stubbies as a wedding favour shows off your Australianism and adds a little bit of spice to your wedding. As we like to say to our customers if you can’t be Australian at your wedding then who can you be? At My Stubby, our stubbies aren’t just your standard blue ones you see on dad’s fishing boat. They are customisable, so you can add photos, quotes and names. The stubby holders can even be customised to have your wedding colours and the same font as your invites. If you are stuck on what to put on your wedding favour stubbies (and don’t just want to say Thanks for Coming) check out our social media pages, we have plenty.

Other reasons you should enjoy stubby coolers at your wedding

While we could go on, we know you don’t want to read our essay on wedding favours. So here are a few more reasons in list form (if you need to convince your partner) as to why you should have stubbies as wedding favours.

  • Affordable and you can buy them in bulk
  • Lightweight and compactable, they fit in the purse to go home.
  • Great souvenirs for your guests no matter how far they have travelled.
  • Reusable and for everyday use, so you can calm the eco Nellies you had to invite to your wedding.
  • Nobody ever says no to a stubby holder (and if they do are they really human?)

Start designing your wedding favours

What are you waiting for? Get the wedding favours ticked off your list and start designing your wedding stubbies today! We have templates to get your creative juices flowing or you can start from scratch with our design your own stubby tool.