Why are Stubbies essential at BBQs?

After 2020, we may be able to list a few essential items in our households, including toilet paper, cake mixes, puzzles and spaghetti. But the question we have almost never wondered until we had ample amount of time to get lost in our thoughts:  why are stubbies essential to the everyday Australian BBQ? 

Well at My Stubby, we thought we would look into it because we wanted to be prepared with a story for the next family and friends barbeque.  Mainly so we don’t have to listen to all of Aunty Karen’s iso stories. Unfortunately, she might still get a few in.  

So here are few stories about why stubby holders are essential. 

Story 1. Stubby Coolers are not just for the Summertime 

Key Notes for the story: Fire, Explosions and Survival of the Drink. 

Stubby holders on the surface appear as just a summer necessity. When in fact they are actually a versatile product that can be used during your winter fires, autumn BBQ’s and at the end of spring clean days. I am not sure if we have mentioned this before, but stubbies are made of neoprene; a material that is comfortable to hold, waterproof and keeps the air away from your drink. This means that even when you are the designated BBQ chef, you can still have a cold drink to consume and that it will still be fizzy. But more importantly, it means that your drink doesn’t become like Aunty Karen’s mulled wine when forgotten about next to the BBQ.

 So stubby coolers are an essential item to your BBQ because they keep your drink tasting the way it’s supposed to taste. 

Story 2. Less Sweat and Keeping Cool

Key Notes for the story: Science, Summers Day and I Could Have Done That. 

Americans seem to have an ample amount of time and money to do some interesting research into why we use stubby coolers (or coozies as they like to call them)… and according to Dale Durran, your coolers keep your drink cold and enjoyable. 

It’s been proven that stubby holders actually reduce the amount of condensation that is emitted from your drink. Meaning your drink can actually stay at a cooler temperature for hours longer than if it was left out next to the BBQ on July 4th (we mean Australia Day). In fact, the study suggests that your drink would heat up by 4.9 ℃ in the summertime if left unsheathed merely because of condensation.  It also indicates that you would be more likely to drop the can, and we think Uncle Brett may have tested this theory at our last BBQ. The study also looked into latent heat, but you don’t need to mention that in your story.  

So a stubby cooler is an essential item to stop us from having to down our drinks in record time. 

Story 3. Need to Know 

Key Notes for Story: Make it personal, we all know someone. 

You really don’t want to go to a family barbeque and have Uncle Brett finish your drink again because he forgot where he put his. So personalised stubby holders have provided you with a solution to the need to know whose drink it is. Everyone at your BBQ can have a randomised, or custom stubby holder that determines that it is their drink.  While you could collect them over a number of years or ask people to bring their own with their drinks, you can also be prepared for your BBQ by creating stubby designs with My Stubby. 

So stubbies are essential, so you don’t lose your drink and this way you can laugh about all the times Uncle Brett finished your drink. 

Story 4. A Time in Our History

Key Notes for the Story: Anticipation, what really happened and personalisation

After spending 10-12 weeks in isolation due to coronavirus, your barbeque is going to be the most anticipated event of 2020 (at least until the pubs reopen).

The chaotic stories of isolation are endless. While you don’t have to mention how many cakes have been baked in your house or your new-found skill in making pasta, you can and should mention the time Uncle Brett Facetimed you to ask who Ryan Reynolds was or what really happened at one of Aunty Karen’s virtual trivia nights. You could even use personalised stubbies to immortalise and preserve the memories. At My Stubby, we can help you make fun and funny customised stubby coolers that are perfect for your out-of-isolation barbeque and highlight the memories just like you remember them. 

So why are Stubbies Essential? The Answer: 

 After some digging and interesting stories, we figured the answer to why we needed stubby coolers at a BBQ is because we’re Australian, and snags on a barbie and stubby in our hands are quintessentially Australian and shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

If you are planning a just-got-out-of-isolation barbeque with your family and friends, remember social distancing rules and make it memorable with custom-designed stubby holders from My Stubby. 

If you have any questions about our stubbies or how to get started, do not hesitate to get in contact with us via email or by calling 0419 521 970.