Why Australians love their Stubby Holders

If you are looking for an Australian icon that highlights the fun-loving Aussie larrikin spirit, you can’t go past the humble stubby holder!

The stubby holder makes an appearance everywhere and anywhere; from the outback to the coast, at parties and celebrations, backyards to building sites, sporting ovals to the golf course; there aren’t many places in the land down-under that you won’t stumble across the much loved stubby holder.

Lightweight, easily folded and moulded, and suited to any weather conditions, the stubby holder is the ultimate accessory.

While they look simple, stubby holders of today are not only colourful displays of artwork, coming in various shapes and sizes but are a highly versatile and functional item designed to keep drinks and liquid refreshments cold!

Mostly favoured for drinks in a bottle or can, the simple design of the stubby holder means it is versatile enough to be used to wrap and thermally insulate more than just a cold beer!

Made usually from neoprene fabric or foam sleeve, the stubby holder can be used on a wide range of beverage containers, cans and bottles including wine and water bottles.

The simplicity, functionality, creative and practical use of the stubby holder is why many Australian’s love affair with the stubby holder continues today.

A brief history

Stubby holder enthusiasts can tell you the humble stubby holder originated from the US in the 1980’s.  Originally made from polystyrene foam which wasn’t effective in keeping drinks cold, especially beer!

A few years later the American Koozie company took up the challenge and developed a holder made from neoprene which had far superior insulating properties, and the present-day holder was born.

Brought to Australia with a basic black design, the original insulated neoprene model has undergone several design changes and remodels to suit Australian drink shapes and sizes and be the holder you know today.

The ‘Stubby’ name

Stubby holders are known as ‘cold coolie cups’ or ‘koozies’ in the US.  Folklore has it the Australians got creative and gave the humble holder the name ‘Stubby’ for the ‘fatter and shorter’ 375 mL beer bottle, or ‘Stubby’, for the bottle the neoprene sleeve is commonly wrapped around.  Queenslanders still affectionately call it a ‘cooler’.

Memories and marketing

Today, stubby holders have grown far beyond their intended use of purely keeping your drink cold.

Businesses and corporates are now using them as branded promotional products and sporting groups and clubs for team building and belonging to a ‘tribe’.

Thousands of Aussies are also using stubby holders as funny gift ideas to celebrate and honour memorable events, significant birthdays, milestones, team building, or too simply to mark a special occasion i.e. weddings.

There are no limits to this much-loved Australian icon.

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