Why you need personalised stubbies for your sports team

With sport on hold at the moment, it is the perfect time to think about colour co-ordinating for the Saturday arvo drinks or the end of year gala event. We know you want to look like a team and not just a bunch of lackeys, but maybe Jono is causing a stir because bright green is not his style. How about personalised stubbies instead? (Ideally start with the colour coordinating outfits with the personalised stubbies just in case your Jono says yes). 

Stubbies are well versed items at Australian sporting events and after parties. Fun Fact! Every athlete that has represented Australia or played in a final series at a professional level has a personalised stubbie for that event. 

The Olympics? Check.
The Comm Games 2018? Check.
The Womens Soccer World Cup? Check.
Geelong Cats 2007, 2009 and 2011 Premierships? Check, Check and Check. 

So why not for your sports team event? They make you look like a team and it is a handy memorabilia that wont gone out of fashion. The stubbies can even be in bright green! 

That is not the only reasons you want stubbies for your team events though. You want them because no one will say no to keeping their drink cold. If thats not enough stubbies can also be personalised for every individual in your team. 

Got three Olivias who all go by different names? No problem you can personalise each stubby with a different name. This is also a good idea if you have locker room names that you want your teammate (Jono) to never forget being called. Just remember to spell check your own name.

Maybe you want everyone to remember the season you won the grand final? EASY. You can add the winners photo to your stubbie template.  But try and make sure everyone is looking at the camera. 

And if you are the coach, captain or team manager, maybe add some wise words for the team to remember you by. Make it special and not just “eyes on the prize”. It can be anything maybe the workout your known for, the phrase you say the most, or the most iconic blunder you had on the court or field (Yes we all remember when you brought sugar-free lollies for half time). 

At My Stubby we encourage you to get creative and have some fun with your design. We want to help you look like a team in the best way possible. We have fully customisable stubby designs for every team, occasion and event and if you are stuck check out some of our premade templates. 

Or if you have got a question about your design don’t hesitate to call us, we dont want Jono saying no to your ideas again.  We are open from 8am – 10pm so you can even give us a call after your next training session or team meeting. 

Just dont leave the stubby plans to the last minute! Give us a call on 0419 521 970 or email sales@mystubby.com.au